Takoma Park Silent In Wake of Manchester Terror Attack By Radical Islamic Terrorist 

Takoma Park’s City Council was eerily quiet following the terrorist attack at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester yesterday. I found this rather strange, because our feckless City Council never gives up an opportunity to carefully lecture everyone about the dangers of Islamaphobia and racism, and how we shouldn’t dare question the ideology that caused this attack and others. And then following that lecture, they will usually conclude with a statement reminding all of us about how we want more refugees from Islamic countries coming into our town, because we are “open minded.”

Of course Takoma Park is only open minded to the extent that they agree with what you are saying.

Anyway, at the very least, I thought that Mayor Kate Stewart, with Rezi in tow, would find a soapbox and a microphone at the Gazebo to start an “impromptu” rally, similar to the one after the Orlando nightclub terrorist shooting, where they and others implored the people of Takoma Park to rally together to fight Islamaphobia, and how love and fighting climate change deniers is the answer. 

I wonder at what point will people begin to realize that what these incidents have in common, from San Bernardino to Orlando to Manchester to other violent incidents across the world is one thing, and one thing only: radical Islamic terror. 

They hate us and our way of life. Love will not stop a suicide bomber. At some point calls for unity, open borders, and love just don’t pass the sniff test anymore. Please don’t treat us like morons. 

We are not dealing with individual violent acts. We are dealing with a dangerous ideology — a systematic ideology that perverts Islam. The progressives try to control the conversation by ignoring the elephant in the room. Worse, anyone who calls out the elephant is labeled the bigot and racist.

We must not shy away from tough questions about Islam. There’s a systematic problem worldwide, and Islam is at the center of it.